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Vitori Health
Plan Overview

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Reduce costs and improve outcomes with a comprehensive, nationwide health care plan for self-funded companies.

VitoriRx | The Costanza Principle

VitoriRx On-Demand Page-1

Doing the opposite of traditional PBMs delivers clinically-proven medications at lower cost and with better health results.

The Black Box of Health Care

Black Box - On-Demand Webinars Page

Crack open the mysterious black box and unravel the legacy incentives that increase health care costs and industry profits.

Health Plan
Funding Options

Self-Insurance - Resources & Registration Pages

An exposé of the pros and cons of various funding models and how they optimize cost controls and maximize freedom. 

Straight Talk
on Hospital Costs

Hospital Costs - Vitori Resources Landing Page

ERISA attorney Doug Aldeen shares strategies for protecting against skyrocketing hospital charges and outrageous bills. 

From Fully-Insured to Self-Funded

Self-Funded Webinar

Jacob Fast (TPAC Underwriters) discusses underwriting methods and plan design strategies to ease the shift to self-insured. 

Self-Funding + Fair Market Payments™

FMP Self-Funding Resources Pages On-Demand

Aaron Polkoski of Matrix Group Benefits, joins Vitori experts to discuss next-gen reimbursement and self-funding strategies.

3x3x3 Interview with Neil Quinn

Neil 3x3x3 Video Thumbnail

Chris Fisher of BenefitsAlly interviews Neil Quinn to capture Vitori's outstanding value proposition in less than three minutes.