Interview with
Neil Quinn

Chris Fisher of BenefitsAlly interviews Neil Quinn to capture Vitori’s outstanding value proposition in less than three minutes.

Straight Talk
on Hospital

ERISA attorney Doug Aldeen shares strategies for protecting against skyrocketing hospital charges and outrageous bills.

Fair Market

Transform your health plan experience with our game-changing Fair Market Payment™ and learn about its impact on stop-loss.

Health Plan

Reduce costs and improve outcomes with a fully-integrated, next-generation health plan that reduces expenses by 30%.

Health Plan

An exposé of the pros and cons of various funding models and how they optimize cost controls and maximize freedom.

Vitori Victory©
$1M Guarantee

The math is simple. If your actual results are less than 50% of projected savings, the Vitori Victory© Guarantee pays the difference.

Self-Funding + Fair Market Payments™

Aaron Polkoski of Matrix Group Benefits, joins Vitori experts to discuss next-gen reimbursement and self-funding strategies.

From Fully-Insured to Self-Funded

Jacob Fast (TPAC Underwriters) discusses underwriting methods and plan design strategies to ease the shift to self-insured.

$2,885 Average Savings Per Employee with NO Cost Shifting | Estimate Your Savings