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A high-performance Vitori Health plan gives employers and employees the advantage with durable cost controls and greater value.


1M Guarantee Outlined 20230220

Learn more about our unparalleled $1,000,000 Vitori Victory© Guarantee. You won’t find anything like it, anywhere else.



Vitori has removed over $100 million in healthcare overspending for clients while providing their employees with a better, more compassionate health plan. 

 VitoriRx Pharmacy Plan Overview

VitoriRx Outlined

VitoriRx delivers 40% savings and an evidence-based formulary with member assistance for high-cost medications.

Predatory Practices
of Legacy PBMs

PredatoryPractices Outlined

Discover how rebate robbery, spread pricing shenanigans, and obtuse contracts reduce formulary value and increase costs in the long run.

Pharmacy Program Integrity Checklists

VitoriRx Checklists Outlined 20230220

Use these integrity checklists and overview to compare the VitoriRx optimized pharmacy program to legacy PBMs and your current PBM. 

What Our Members Are Saying

Member Testimonials 20230222 Outlined

Here's what an exceptional member experience sounds like. It's clear why Vitori gets higher Net Promoter Scores (80+) than legacy health plans (<30)!